Ways to Get Rid of Heavy Waste After Renovations

When you complete home renovations, whether inside or outside your home, you end up quite a bit of waste. This might include heavy waste that doesn't go in a regular waste bin, such as concrete, brick, drywall and heavy flooring tiles. This type of waste needs some extra care in order to get rid of it in the proper manner. Here are some different options available when you have this type of bulky and heavy waste to dispose of.

Try to Reuse the Waste

Before you get to disposing of the renovation waste, first consider whether or not some of it can be reused. For example, if you pulled up concrete slabs from your patio that was cracked, are you sure you can't cut some of those slabs into stepping stones or concrete pavers? You might be able to use these to add a walkway or steps in your backyard leading to your garden. With glass windows that you removed and are replacing, you may be able to use that glass for other projects around the house, reducing how much glass ends up being recycled or disposed.

Have a Recycling Company Pick it Up

The next thing to consider is whether some of these materials can be recycled. You definitely don't want to throw away items and put them in local landfills if recycling centres will take them. Call around to local recycling centres to ask what they accept as for as remodelling materials are concerned. Many of them will take glass from your windows, metal, wood, ceramic, porcelain and similar materials. This means if you pulled up hardwood or ceramic tiles in your home, you should be able to recycle those items. Windows, doors, and some wall materials can also be recycled. You will also be able to recycle all major appliances.

Hire a Hauling Company

If you just want to get rid of the remaining heavy waste without worrying about it, then hiring a hauling company is probably a good idea. While this is going to be your most expensive option, it is also very convenient. You can usually leave the waste where it is and the company will come in to pick it up, and bring it to the local landfill for you.

Rent a Skip Bin

To save a little money and have the opportunity to throw away your waste while completing renovations, consider skip bin hire. This is a type of dumpster you use on a temporary basis, which is parked on the street in front of your home or in your driveway. If you rent it when starting the remodelling project, you can throw away waste as you collect it, reducing the cleanup when you're finished with your renovations. The skip bin company will drop it off and pick it up, making it an easy way to get rid of all the waste.