Creative Ways Your Events Organizing Company Can Encourage Students to Use Garbage Bins

If your new events organising business that specialises in organising school sports events has just landed a new contract, needing to encourage students to use garbage bins is an important part of your goals. As a newbie in the industry, coming up with creative ways to get students hooked on using garbage bins during sporting events is one sure way of getting repeat customers. The following are ways you can make garbage bin use fun for students and at the same time improve waste collection and recycling in schools.

Unique Garbage Bins Designs -- During school sports events, all students tend to switch to a sporting mood. A good way to capitalise on this is by providing sporty garbage bins. Therefore, you can place garbage bins of different kinds at various locations in the compound.

For example, you can put bins designed with basketball rims in areas close to the basketball court to encourage students to take shots at the bin as if they are playing basketball. Where students are playing soccer, you can place garbage bins designed with an opening on the side and goal post markings. This way, spectator students can shoot garbage into the bin and in the process dispose waste appropriately.

You'll just have to make sure others are enforcing policies of taking care of rubbish that misses the bins, or else you aren't accomplishing anything.

Decorated Garbage Bins -- Other than designing garbage bins to reflect sports, you can add life to your bins by making decorations on them. Garbage bins that are colourful tend to be used more as students will be more likely to notice bright bins and would therefore not mind using a colourfully painted bin instead of a plain one. You can use glitter pens, marker pens and trinkets to decorate your garbage bins.

Social Media Promotion -- With the advent of social media, businesses are taking advantage of it and running promotional campaigns for their products. Therefore, you can take to social media and begin a campaign on waste management. For instance, if there is no waste littered in a school compound after an event, you can reward the school with custom-made garbage bins and popularise the exercise on social media. This will encourage student participation in recycling endeavours as well as promote social media interaction for your business.   

Get Creative with the Positioning of Bins -- Most schools have big compounds and require many garbage bins during sports events. Therefore, you should come up with creative ways of positioning garbage bins to encourage usage. One way to achieve this is by using water-soluble luminous paint to draw directions such as footprints on the ground. You can also write down about the importance of recycling on the ground using catchy colours. The painted footprints and writings will remind students where garbage bins are located, but most importantly, they will encourage usage.

Look more into commercial bin hire if you ever need extra bins to make your events happen.