5 Advantages of Rubbish Removal vs Skip Hire

When you need to get rid of a lot of rubbish from your home or business, you might think that hiring a skip is your best option. However, for many people rubbish removal services provide an easier and move convenient alternative. Here are five reasons to opt for rubbish removal compared to skip hire.

1. No Heavy Lifting

When you hire a skip, it is up to you to drag all the rubbish out of your home or business and lift it into the bin yourself. For heavy or bulky items, this can be very difficult. Lifting heavy items can even lead to injuries.

Rubbish removal services offer a safer alternative to skip hire. Most removal teams are happy to lift and carry items out of your home and into their truck on your behalf. If you need to dispose of a lot of heavy items, or you have medical conditions that make lifting and carrying difficult for you, a rubbish removal service is a good option.

2. No Permits Required

If you want to place a skip on the road or on council land, you may need to apply for a permit. Failing to obtain this permit could mean that you violate local laws, which could lead to a fine or other penalty. Using a rubbish removal service allows you to skip this administrative headache.

3. Rubbish Recycling

Many rubbish removal services have a commitment to recycling as much waste as possible. In contrast, rubbish placed in skips often goes to landfill. By choosing a rubbish removal service with a good reputation for environmental responsibility, you could be doing your bit to protect the planet's natural resources.

4. Clear Costs

Skip hire might seem like an affordable option, but you need to take into account the cost of applying for any permits you need. Skip hire pricing strategies are also not always easy to understand, as they are based on two factors: how long you have the skip and how much rubbish you put into it. In contrast, rubbish removal services usually charge based only on the volume of rubbish you want them to take away, so it is easier to work out how much you will have to pay.

5. Secure Disposal

If you are disposing of electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, or servers, it is generally not a good idea to leave them in a skip. Criminals who get hold of these devices can restore the data they hold, even if the devices are not working. Using a rubbish removal service reduces the risk that anyone will go through your rubbish and steal valuable personal information.