3 Ways to Get Rid of Autumn Leaves in an Environmentally Responsible Way

The nights are drawing in as it cools down towards winter. For the homeowners who are lucky enough to own a deciduous tree or two, it's time to experience the magical quality of autumn with fiery colours and falling leaves. 

While one of the greenest things to do with your leaves is nothing at all, you might want to get a head start on the next summer's manicured lawn without the mounds of dead unsightly leaves. Beyond aesthetics, dead leaves can also lead to clogged drains, promote the growth of mold and fungus or even suffocate your lawn. 

If you're ready to take care of that red, gold and orange mess in your yard, here are three suggestions on what you can do with the fallen leaves. 

Turn the Leaves into Mulch

Trees, it turns out, have no intention to dump all over your yard. They are strategic in their leaf shedding, as they do so to suppress any competing plants around their root system. If you have a moderate amount of leaves in your yard, you can turn them into mulch using your lawnmower. 

Use this precious mulch in flower beds, trees and shrubs to help reduce weeds and maintain moisture. Make sure to always replace the old mulch when it starts to decompose. 

Compost the Leaves

Composting is the most labour-intensive and time-consuming way and also the most rewarding way to dispose of your leaves. If you have a large pile of leaves, heap them in the corner of your garden or store them in large bin bags and let nature take its course. Turn your pile after every couple of weeks, and by early spring, you will have a crumby brown fibre-like compost that will enhance your soil and condition your lawn. 

Put the Leaves in a Green Waste Bin

A green waste recycling bin is an attractive and eco-friendly option to autumn leaves disposal. Garden skip bins prevent your leaves from reaching a landfill, which can be harmful to the environment and also allows garden waste to be converted into mulch at a recycling depot. You can contact a rubbish removal provider near you to see if they offer garden skip bins for proper disposal or for recycling purposes. 

Make sure to choose the size of the bin based on the amount of the leaves in your yard and any other garden waste. Green waste skip bins are the most responsible way of disposing of your fallen autumn leaves. 

There you have it! Eco-friendly ways of getting rid of those autumn leaves. Of these, hiring a garden skip bin has proven to be the simplest and most convenient way of disposing of large amounts of leaves and other types of yard waste.