Two tips for people who need to get rid of some residential demolition waste

If, after taking down a structure on your residential property, you now have a lot of demolition waste, you should heed the advice here when you're ready to get rid of it.

Use a residential waste removal service rather than using your own car

If you have a car and some free time on your hands, then you might have already considered taking all of the rubble from your demolition work and transporting it to a rubbish tip in your own vehicle. However, it is best to use a residential waste removal service instead.

There are two main reasons for this; firstly, demolition rubble is far heavier than most people realise. The weight of your demolition waste could present a couple of problems when it comes to using your own car to dispose of it; it could, for example, be difficult for you to pick up and then manoeuvre in and out of your car without injuring some part of your body, unless you are a very strong person. Additionally, piling a massive amount of heavy rubble into your car could result in you overloading your vehicle, which could potentially break or weaken parts of its undercarriage and tyres.

Secondly, having a lot of dusty and sharp pieces of brick, wood and concrete in your car will leave its interior torn and filthy. If you love your car and like to ensure that it always runs well and looks perfect, then you should leave the disposal of this demolition waste to a professional. A residential waste removal company should be able to take all of your rubble away in one or two trips, without you having to assist with (and potentially be injured by) the process of getting all of this waste into their truck.

Don't pile up the demolition waste close to your property's pond or swimming pool

If you have a pond or a swimming pool on your property, it's important not to allow the demolition rubble to pile up near this body of water. The reasons for this are as follows; if the rubble is next to one of these structures when the above-mentioned refuse removal company comes to collect it, it could be hard for them to shovel or pick up this rubble without some of the pile falling into the water. If this happens, the company's employees might have to wade into your pool or pond to retrieve this fallen rubble, which could be very unpleasant and difficult for them.

Secondly, because rubble weighs so much, it could cause damage to your pond or pool when it crashes into it. It might, for example, injure the fish in your pond or crack the tiles in your swimming pool.

To learn more about residential demolition rubbish removal, contact a residential waster removal company in your area.