Key Tips For Dealing With Demolition Waste

A residential construction or renovation project can be gratifying, but it has its fair share of challenges. One of the issues a homeowner must deal with is getting rid of all kinds of construction waste generated during the project. Specifically, when demolishing an old structure to pave the way for a new one, you create waste and debris, including leftover timber, pieces of iron sheet, drywall, concrete rubble and old fixtures and fittings. Therefore, a homeowner must prepare for recycling or safe disposal of such waste. Read on to learn more about dealing with demolition rubbish removal.

Types of Demolition Waste — A demolition project can generate a substantial amount of waste. Therefore, a homeowner should know how to manage rubbish to make a construction site safe. You should know which types of waste should be recycled and which shoule be disposed of in a landfill. Some of the demolition garbage you have to deal with includes windows, frames, drywall, tiling, debris, floorboards, corrugated iron, plasterboard, walls, concrete, shingles and canvas. Also, note that such waste will be in different shapes and sizes, and thus professional removal is advisable.

Prioritise Pick-Ups — Opt for licensed and trained demolition waste hauliers. Remember that such experts do not deal with toxic waste, such as lead paint or asbestos. If you are looking to save a buck on renting a skip bin, it is advisable to consult demolition waste pick-up. All you need is to call your preferred haulier in your locality and explain the type and average amount of waste you want disposed of. The professionals will arrive on-site with special skip bins to collect the waste. Pick-ups are also ideal if you do not have space for a skip bin or don't want demolition waste to clutter a construction site.  

Size and Shape of Demolition Waste — If you want to hire a skip bin for demolition waste, you must estimate the amount of waste likely to be generated. Such information guides you in choosing the right skip bin size and shape. Don't just focus on garbage bin size, but also consider its shape. Some demolition rubbish might not fit properly in round bins, and thus, you should think about alternatives such as rectangular bins. If your skip hire company does not offer pick-up services, you might want to factor in the budget for transporting waste to a recycling centre or a landfill.