Facts that Homeowners Must Know About Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste encompasses products like cleaning solvents, lead paint, herbicides, insecticides, and batteries, which might pose a danger to human health and the environment because of their flammable, corrosive, and toxic nature. Through safe disposal of household waste, you not only avoid penalties but also protect your local ecosystem. This article examines useful facts that homeowners must know regarding safe disposal of household hazardous waste. Handling and Storage Hazardous products should be handled and stored correctly before disposal. Read More 

Creative Ways Your Events Organizing Company Can Encourage Students to Use Garbage Bins

If your new events organising business that specialises in organising school sports events has just landed a new contract, needing to encourage students to use garbage bins is an important part of your goals. As a newbie in the industry, coming up with creative ways to get students hooked on using garbage bins during sporting events is one sure way of getting repeat customers. The following are ways you can make garbage bin use fun for students and at the same time improve waste collection and recycling in schools. Read More 

Why Skip Bins Are Perfect For Rubbish Removal In Commercial Premises

Commercial premises churn out lots of rubbish on a daily basis. Therefore, the garbage removal needs in these areas is unique compared to what residential clients need. In this day and era, rubbish removal should not be a headache for any property manager or owner. Thankfully, there is one waste removal option that can ensure that – commercial skip bins. Below, see why this is so.  No limitation on types of wastes collected Commercial properties feature lots of tenants and customers who all produce all kinds of waste. Read More